The main objective behind opening the café shop is to serve 100 percent chemical- and fertilizer-free coffee, As chemical way of farming is killing our environment, we are struggling to contribute little to saving the environment, and this is precisely why we collect coffee directly from the farms to facilitate farmers directly and maintain the quality.

Yeti Coffee provides the unmatched flavor and unique taste of coffee grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. We are dedicated to not only providing a unique and excellent taste experience, but also to providing the opportunity to savor the community and culture of Nepal through its coffee. Our coffee beans are carefully selected under the guidance and expertise of coffee scientists. Our coffee is handpicked, hand-processed, and hand-sorted. From the start of the coffee-growing process to all the way till it is served in a cup, no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are used, which means you will experience pure, naturally grown coffee and nothing else!

Nepali coffee derives its unique character from being grown in one of the northernmost regions of the world. Nepal coffee farms are built on the principals of a healthy, ecologically sustainable environment, with a focus on care and fairness for the community. Our coffee is grown in areas ranging from 1,200 meters to 1,600 meters high. This high altitude grown coffee has a deep, rich, unforgettable taste created by the freezing temperatures, pure air and natural water of the Himalayas. Our coffee's aging and maturing process is slow. This slow growing process allows more nutrients to be absorbed by the beans, making them harder. Harder beans have more flavor and the taste lasts longer in the mouth. We strongly believe in quality over quantity. We select nothing but the best in terms of taste and quality! Our beans are selected from small farmers.


Our symbolOur symbol is dedicated to the Himalayan Yeti, sometimes referred to as the “Bigfoot” or “Snowman”. It is believed that the Yeti, a human-like animal, lives in the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet. Rarely seen, the Yeti is believed to have a famously shy character. We chose the Yeti for our coffee brand because it is both strong and powerful, yet cute and gentle in personality. The image resonates with our coffee, and like the Yeti, it too is quite rare, and possesses a unique and varied attitude and personality, giving it an unrivalled taste, and seems destined to become legendary like its namesake.